Pay With Paypal

You can pay for various fees and fundraisers securely using your credit card.  We process credit cards using Paypal.  Note that Paypal does not require that you have a Paypal account in order to use your credit card.  Below are the various items that can be paid online using your credit card.

Pay for Anything

Pay for anything – simply enter the description of what you are paying for and hit “Pay Now”. The next screen will allow you to enter an amount and process your transaction using PayPal.

Pay Band Fees

Please note that Band Fees paid via PayPal include a 2.2% convenience fee to cover the cost of the transaction. Or, checks made out to “WHS” (with no convenience fee) may be mailed to:
P O Box 426
Westminster, MD. 21158

  • Universal Fees 1st Installment – $150, due by June 19
  • Trip Fees, 1st Installment – $150, due by July 3
  • Trip Fees, 2nd Installment – $100, due by July 17
  • Universal Fees 2nd Installment – $150, due by July 31
  • Universal Fees 3rd Installment – $100, due by August 14
  • Trip Fees, 3rd Installment – $100, due by August 28
  • Rookie Fees – $100, due by Sept 10
Select Fee: Click Here To Band Fees To PayPal Cart

Homeshow Trophies

Sponsor a Trophy for Homeshow. $50 + paypal fees.
Click Here To Donate A Homeshow Trophy

Donate to The Westminster High School Instrumental Music Boosters

(this can be a 1-time donation, or a recurring donation)
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