Indoor Performance Ensemble

The Indoor Performance Ensemble at WHS allows students to explore the areas of percussion and color guard in directions that they may never have before. While the Indoor Performance Ensemble is competitive in nature, similar to the WHS Marching Band, the level of commitment is not as great, with few practices per week. Students have an opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument or continue to improve and develop the skills necessary to be in competition programs like the WHS Marching Band. The Indoor Performance Ensemble will have multiple opportunities to perform during the season. Please note that this group is not offered/available every year – the existence of the Indoor Performance Ensemble is dependent on time available and student interest.

2018 Winter Guard & Indoor Percussion

Basic Information

Percussion Director: Christopher Bruce
Percussion Staff: Casey Isanogle, Curtis Wharton, Andy Grant

Guard Director: Katie Greco
Guard Staff: Samantha Pickett, De’Asia Winder, Tabby Lansinger

Schedule for BOTH Groups

Dec 14, Thursday, 6-9pm Open Rehearsal
Dec 18, Monday, 6-9pm (8:30 Parent Mtg)
Dec 21, Thursday, 6-9pm
Jan 4, Thursday, 6-9pm
Jan 8, Monday, 6-9pm
Jan 11, Thursday, 6-9pm
Jan 22, Monday, 6-9pm
Jan 25, Thursday, 6-9pm
Jan 29, Monday, 6-9pm – tentative
Feb 5, Monday, 6-9pm
Feb 8, Thursday, 6-9pm
Feb 12, Monday, 6-9pm
Feb 15, Thursday, 6-9pm
Feb 17, Saturday, Susquehannock HS show?
Feb 22, Thursday, 6-9pm
Feb 26, Monday, 6-9pm
Mar 1, Thursday, 6-9pm
Mar 8, Thursday, 6-9pm
Mar 10, Saturday, Gov TJ HS show?


Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory. 2 excused absences will be allowed throughout the season (excused absences include: illness, death in the family, school event). If a student has more than 2 excused absences, the student will have a conference with the director to determine if they can continue with the group. 2 Unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the group (unexcused absences include: work, homework, forgetfulness, vacation). Notification of an absence (other than illness/death in family) must be submitted to Mr. Frazier, Mr. Bruce, or Ms. Greco at least one week in advance.


The total fee for each student in Winter Guard or Indoor Percussion is $300. This fee covers approximately 54 hours of instructional time, transportation to competitions, competition fees, and equipment maintenance and purchases. Winter Guard members may have an additional cost for costumes depending on decisions made during the season. All fees need to be payable to “WHS.”

Fee Schedule

You may pay the entire fee at once at any time prior to January 15th or pay the fees in installments of $100 – first installment is due by January 15th; second is due by February 1st; third is due by February 15th. If school is closed on any of those dates due to inclement weather, fees will be due on the next school day following. Student and parent participation in instrumental music fundraisers can help to offset all fees. If you should need any further support or have questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Frazier at the phone number or email listed above.

Pay 2018 Indoor Percussion Fees

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